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Top Notch Tree Service in Deep River

If you’re looking for quality tree services, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Far East Tree Service LLC, we deliver expert tree services across most of the state for your residential tree needs. Our services include tree removal, storm clean-up, emergency tree removal, as well as disposal of fallen trees ...

Tree Felling and Stump Removal

We pride ourselves on delivering the most top-notch tree felling services the area has to offer. Many of us have years of experience working in this specific field, and when it comes to trees, we understand them like the backs of our hands. If you’re in need of having a tree safely removed and disposed of, then ...


Tree Service

Tree Service

Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes required to maintain the beauty of a landscape. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it must be …
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Tree Pruning

By removing infected branches and preventing new unwanted growth, pruners can prevent the spread of diseases, fungi, and other forms of …
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Storm Cleanup

If after a storm you notice fallen limbs, trees and hanging branches, getting our storm cleanup is a must. To avoid any injuries, we will …
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